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What Mental Health Means to Us

"Mental health is not a fight club, we can talk about it."

- Unknown

Mental health is often overlooked by people, just because they consider it too trivial to be bothered about. However, mental health, if not taken care of correctly, can lead to long lasting problems in our lives. Those who struggle with their mental health, don't want to admit it because of the way they may get judged by people in society. Our society has attached a stigma to something that definitely shouldn't have a stigma attached to it. Hence, we want to make a difference. We want to help destigmatize mental illnesses. It isn't something that can be done overnight but we are here to work towards it. 

Though all of us have a common goal, our original reasons for working towards this are pretty diverse. Read on to know what mental health means to the team behind Existology.

Mental Health to me is understanding the need to feel your emotions; sit with them, appreciate them instead of letting them take over you. It’s okay to have good days, and it is also okay to have bad days where all you’ve done is survive. If you aren’t happy, that’s okay. You aren’t happy. There are days when you’ll be happy and days when you will be sad. True mental wellness comes from being proud of each and every one of the days you’ve had because they all make up who you are and that’s something that can’t be taken away from you, no matter what. 

Mental Health to me also means existing, or simply having the courage to exist. This means getting through days when all you want to do is give up. It’s knowing that giving up isn’t an option, no matter how much you want to sometimes. 

This is the idea behind the name “Existology”.


It's funny how mental health is used synonymously with mental illnesses. My mental health journey, while often seems like it's marred by the seemingly unending eternal dark periods, has had some of the most beautiful moments of complex and undefinable happiness as well. That's why my journey is always symbolized by the next day to conquer; good or bad.


The state of our mind, according to me, is like sunlight. When it is gentle, you feel at ease and happy. When it is extremely strong, it can be overwhelming. When it is absent, it can be extremely cold and unbearable. When we are calm, it is like gentle sunlight, it is easier to think and process things. But when we are absolutely stressed or feel numb, it feels like the latter forms of sunlight. If these continue for too long, our overall health starts deteriorating. Mental health is important, however sometimes handling all that life throws at you doesn't make it easy but that's alright, because we can work towards it slowly and sometimes people, like how the wind and clouds can make the light more bearable, make the journey much easier.


It means survival, I think. It means acknowledging the behaviours, belief systems and coping mechanisms that I internalised that only serve to harm me, and learning healthier alternatives, and practicing them. It means forgiving myself, and believing in myself, and being committed to building myself a good life, one that I deserve, like anybody else. It means learning to accept help, without suspicion or guilt, when graciously given, and having the strength to believe that kindness and hope are worthwhile. It means learning to be present, fulfilled, and happy, and allowing myself to remain that way.


For me, mental health is having peace of mind, striving for excellence but also being content with where I am and what I have. It’s about accepting who I am and being okay with it. Going to bed wanting to live the next day, experiencing life even in the most insignificant moments. 

It’s about giving myself another chance to bloom. It’s about not fearing who chooses me and who doesn’t, because at the end of the day, I choose myself. In my messiness, imperfection, anxiety and fear, I choose myself. I choose to come home to myself  when the easiest thing would be to come home to other people. I choose to come home to a safe space where I can exist without the limits and no fear of belonging. I reach for other’s love, but I remind myself that my belonging is not determined by other people choosing me. If no one chooses me, I will have the uttermost peace and choose myself over and over again.


Mental Health to me is the ability to express yourself the way you want everyday, without any hesitancy or the fear of being different than others. Being able to accept yourself (without any) the way you are.


Mental health to me is to take one day at a time whether good or bad and just feeling 'okay' at the end of it. Things will always be difficult, but if you learn to love yourself and try to stay positive overall, you can handle anything. 


Mental health for me is the ability to go through the ups and downs of life without having the feeling of being trapped, or helpless. It's to have the ability to express my emotions to myself and accept me for who I am.


Mental Health is just as much of an invisible pandemic as the coronavirus that so many people around us suffer from. This needs immediate action. 


Mental health is an inbred part of us that I believe should be treasured, protected and nurtured towards complete well-being before taking societal and other considerations into account. Good mental health is my gateway to contentment and progress. To me, mental health is the sole factor that could impact almost all other aspects of my life and should hence be given the warm care and attention it deserves.


There have been days I've spent lying on bed, not doing anything , yet feeling exhausted. They called it laziness. They said, it was all in head, that it was an excuse to not work. It takes time to

overcome the guilt society imposes on people with mental disorders and illnesses. This stands as the primary hindrance to improved mental health. I realised that the only way through it is to try to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and therapy.


To me, mental health is well being. My scope of mental health isn’t limited to the issues I have faced. It is about the journey, the healing, and most importantly the growth. I’ve spent days lying in bed without moving an inch, but I have also had days where I have looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of my old self. Mental illness is where my journey with mental health started, but I am not going to end it there. Along the way I discovered myself and learnt how to be more accepting— of others and of myself. 


To me mental health means to have a healthy and a meaningful conversations with others. I strongly believe in bringing awareness of mental health care to end stigma and to normalize mental health issues.


Mental health to me is as important as physical health and well being. Finding a gym to build your body is easy, finding something that keeps your mind happy and at peace is hard.


Mental health to me is being content with who I am and accepting myself. Having a little more confidence in my abilities and being able to accept flaws without having the need to “fix myself”. It’s realising that it’s okay to not be productive everyday.


Mental health means being able to breathe. Breathing without my heart sinking, without my head getting clouded. Just breathing freely. 

Whenever I am in a place where I doubt myself or my capabilities, I always notice the way I am breathing. There is usually strange feeling like a rock has been placed on my chest and someone has grabbed my throat. That is when I realise that this is not right. It may be a job/a class assignment submission/ a presentation/ even a date. 

But whenever it is something I love doing I feel light. I feel like I can breathe without it hurting my chest. I feel free, I feel happy, I feel like myself.


Mental health to me is an as important aspect of your being as is your physical health. Mental health is a part of your life and it is necessary to accept it's existence and give it due care. Once you start taking care of yourself, you'll have a healthy impact on others around you!


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